The Website Analytics Audit is a one-month review of your analytics. During this time, I will dive deep into your numbers and generate a report on my findings. This report will give you insight beyond the typical surface-level numbers. With these results, you'll see how your website is truly doing and be able to make informed decisions moving forward.

This audit is for you if:

  • You have no idea what your numbers really are
  • You want to improve your website, but don't know where to start
  • You're wondering why sales and conversions are down
  • You understand the importance of making well informed decisions
  • You want to increase website traffic and your bottom line


The process is simple. I will insert a Google Analytics code into your website (if you don't already have it) and a heat mapping code. Then, you sit back and grab a drink. While you continue with business as usual I will be constantly monitoring your numbers and tracking trends. When the report is completed the following month, we'll hop on a call where I will fully explain the results and recommended actions.

The Website Analytic Audit report will include:

  • Page Sessions
  • Page Bounce Rate
  • Audience Location
  • Audience Engagement
  • Traffic Sources
  • Browser vs. Mobile Behavior
  • Event Actions/Performance
  • Heatmap of where your visitors are clicking
  • Scroll map of where your visitors are searching

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages does this audit include?

The Website Analytics Audit price covers two pages. You can mix and match any two pages you want. A popular option is the Homepage and Contact page.

What the heck is heat mapping?

Heat mapping is a tool that tells you where visitors click on your site. With heat mapping, you can see exactly where on your website people are clicking. You can even see where they stop scrolling.

My website already tracks stuff. Why should I do this?

The analytics you get from your website are just skimming the surface. While that information might be helpful, it isn't comprehensive. Investing in this audit will give you insight beyond the typical numbers.

Can I get an audit for the entire website?

Yes! This special Website Analytics Audit covers three pages, so you can buy as many you need. For example, if your website has six pages, you could invest in two audits.

Are there limitations to this audit?

Yes. There is space for only one audit per business per month. 

Can I choose my month?

Absolutely! But hurry, because spaces are filling up.