Social Media Solutions 

Whether your business is off the ground or getting ready to launch, you need to utilize social media marketing. Social media marketing isn't just posting a status update every day and hoping people will engage with your brand.

It's all in the strategy.

  • Need to build brand awareness?

  • Want to engage with your potential customers?

  • Ready to focus on your target demographic?

I work with a variety of business across all industries and verticals to help them accomplish their business goals with social media.

Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness and build a strong community or focus your message on your target audience, social media marketing can help. When utilized correctly, your business will see an increase in audience engagement on social media that strengthens your credibility and social proof in your industry.

You might think that anyone could do social media, including your neighbor's college-aged kid. But serious business owners know when they need to outsource a task to a professional. Your customers hire you, because you're the professional. My clients hire me to do the same. It's time to invest in your business.

Legal clients: If you need assistance with social media research on a subject for pending litigation, please see the Off-the-Menu item below.

Off-the-Menu: Social media research

  • Confidential and private online and social media research of subject

  • Final reporting of findings with images, locations and dates

  • Continued monitoring until incident/litigation is settled (if applicable)

  • Investment: $400/project

Blue Plate Special: Full social media management

  • Daily management of two social media platforms

  • 6 hour response time to comments, messages, reviews, mentions and tags

  • Weekly editorial calendar with upcoming content + stock photos

  • Monthly analytics + report

  • Updating social media images and information (if needed)

  • Investment: $600/month