Whether your business is off the ground or getting ready to launch, you need to utilize social media marketing. Your business needs to be where your customers are, which is online. Social media marketing isn't just posting a status update every day and hoping people will engage with your brand. It's all in the strategy. It's timing, content, visuals, engagement and sometimes ads (depending on your budget). But you don't have time to manage your social media presence every single day, because you're busy making products, taking client calls and busting your butt to make ends meet. This is where I come in. I help with all aspects of social media. Let me make some social media magic for you!

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Blue Plate Special: Full social media management.  

Investment: Starting at $600/month

Meat ' n ' Three: Social media content.                                   Investment: Starting at $450/month

Veggie Plate: Full set-up + strategy.

Investment: Starting at $400



Have you ever come across an amazing website and loved reading everything on it? Chances are that a copywriter wrote most, if not all, of it. Smart business owners are aware that sometimes writing isn't in their wheelhouse, so they hire a professional to help. Writing can be hard, especially when you're starting from scratch and you encounter writer's block every other sentence. I'm here to help. Let me bring out the personality of your brand!

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Sunday Brunch: Content for the entire website.      

Investment: Starting at $900

Wednesday Night Supper: Product/menu descriptions. Investment: Starting at $600

Taco Tuesday: Copywriting for one page.              

Investment: Starting at $150



You have a functional website. So what? That website doesn't mean much if it's not doing its job, which is to make you money. You could have the most beautiful website on the planet without a single client or customer. What good is that? You need to track your analytics to see your page views, sessions, bounce rate and conversions. Does that sound complicated? It can be if you don't know where to look or how to translate that information into results. If you really want to measure your website's effectiveness beyond the basics, you're in the right place. 

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Chef's Table: Daily Google Analytics management + monthly reporting.                                                              

Investment: Starting at $650/month

Happy Hour: Website analytics au. 

Investment: Starting at $500