*Available for metro-Atlanta clients only*

So you're looking to take your digital marketing efforts up a notch?

That's great! 

The local Atlanta market is saturated with service-based businesses. What makes your business stand out? What resources are you utilizing to stand out and bring in more business (and repeat business)?

Maybe you've dabbled with direct mail or coupon-based mailers like Valpak or MoneyMailer. Maybe you've invested money into billboards across town and radio ads. Heck, you may have shelled out for a TV commercial to play on local channels. All of these options have one thing in common - big money. It isn't cheap to buy ad space or air time. Big money doesn't always equal big ROI, unfortunately. 

You're a small business owner. You don't have thousands of dollars to spend every month. You don't have time to run all of your marketing efforts, because you're busy running a business and working in the field. And service-based businesses are a dime-a-dozen in metro-Atlanta.

There's a better option. 

Facebook + Yelp: The Bread & Butter Special

Facebook and Yelp can be extremely valuable to your business, especially if you rely on local people for referrals and repeat business. Here's what you get:

  • Updating Facebook images + branding + messaging (if needed)

  • Custom 6-month Facebook strategy that goes over messaging + content

  • Daily posting on Facebook of original & curated content relevant to your industry

  • Daily engagement and responses to comments + shares + reviews + messages

  • Monthly analytics + reporting

  • Updating Yelp images images + branding + messaging (if needed)

  • Responding to new and old reviews

  • Updating check-in offers and specials

  • Responding to messages

  • Monthly analytics + reporting

So you're getting 28+ posts every month for Facebook - a customized 6-month strategy that outlines the game plan - someone monitoring your Facebook & Yelp page 24/7 - responses to all reviews, messages and comments within 6 hours - updated images and graphics for Facebook & Yelp - monthly reports to see the results + an awesome local business that supports you 100%!

All of that, every month, for only $650!

What if my wife or my neighbor's college-kid-web-savvy-guru handles my Facebook?

First off, that's great that you're outsourcing help! It's always nice when someone offers a helping hand, especially if it takes something off your plate. I always tell my clients to ask themselves, "What value is this actually providing?" If your wife is handling your social media just because you don't have the time to do it, then the only value provided is saving time. If your neighbor's kid is providing social media for a next-to-nothing discount, the only value is money saved.

Saving time and money are great, but it doesn't bring in new customers.

My business doesn't really use Facebook or Yelp.

Believe me, your potential customers have already tried looking you up on Facebook and Yelp. Even if you haven't updated your Facebook page in two years and you have no Yelp reviews yet, rest assured, people have viewed these pages. Just having a website is no longer good enough. People want social proof that your business is legitimate. People are looking for reviews, tips, photos, phone numbers and ways to contact you. If they don't see something they like, they'll leave and your business will be dropped before even being seriously considered. 

It's time to utilize Facebook + Yelp to increase your bottom line.

I run a small business. I don't have money for this!

I understand you aren't made of money. And thanks to my Dad, I learned money doesn't grow on trees. The Facebook + Yelp package I offer is a cost-effective digital marketing solution aimed at increasing your bottom line. I'm also a small business owner, but I have very little overhead expenses, so I pass these savings right to my clients. I wouldn't offer a service that I didn't believe in, or worse - a service that's just expensive fluff. 

I'm flexible with payment options as well. Whether you need a payment plan or flexible dates, I will work with you. 

Why should I hire you? There's another company down the street that can do it.

It's true. There are others that offer similar services to me. But just like you and your business,  I'm different.

  • I'm not a giant company, I'm a small shop with very little overhead. I price my packages very competitively and pass the savings to my clients.

  • I don't offer a bunch of different services. My focus is social media for small businesses. I spend my time learning more about my trade, not how to do different things like web design and photography. Would you rather have a one-size-fits-all marketing solution or a customized plan developed specifically for your small business?

  • Since I'm a small shop, there's no red tape or barriers to get to me. Heck, I don't even have a assistant or receptionist. You can call or email me directly.

  • I'm also a Georgia native. Born and raised in Gwinnett county, I've witnessed a giant growth in service-based businesses in the metro Atlanta area. My parents would hire big name companies to come fix the roof, the AC, the dishwasher, you name it, but they would always end up disappointed. They weren't satisfied until they hired a small, local business to come out for the service. The customer service was leaps and bounds better than the other guys. They were hooked. They used the same roofer for two different houses and still recommend him today. This inspired me so much that I started my own small business! I live in north Atlanta, but I'm available to travel to Lawrenceville, Union City, Douglasville, Milton and everything in between. My clients love that I can come to their office and take photos of their products, their employees and even the work they do! Plus, my clients may or may not receive the best Christmas gifts from me. :)

So what are you waiting for? The stars to align? A winning lottery ticket?
The "right time?"

Investing in yourself and your business is never a bad idea!