Using Social Communities to Network with Your Audience

Today's blog post is brought you to by Taylor Manning. Taylor is a boss lady entrepreneur with a huge passion for helping small businesses know exactly how inbound marketing can work for them. See more of her awesome work here.

I always say that social media is our outlet to the whole world. You can write all of the best content out there for your niche, but if you don’t have a way to deliver it to people, what’s the point?

My point is social media is SO important when it comes to sharing your content, meeting new people and attractive new prospective customers. However, simple posting on your account won’t get you very far when it comes to growing a true, effective following.

You’ve probably heard the hashtag advice and tips for writing stellar content and how to design captivating images, but have you heard about how amazing social communities can be for networking and growing your following?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter all have their own forms of community that you can start taking advantage of right now. You can find a private space on all of these platforms for almost any niche.

Facebook groups are something I am falling in love with right now because of how personal and active they can be. I found my first few groups through blogs that I followed and then was suggested the next through on the sidebars of those by Facebook. You can also search directly in Facebook for a group.

LinkedIn groups and Google+ communities work very similarly to Facebook groups but they are very simple to search for, find and join without signing up or being a member of a specific organization.  To find Google communities go to your Google Plus page and choose ‘communities’ from the drop down menu on the left side of the page. To find LinkedIn groups choose ‘interests’ from the menu underneath the search bar and then choose ‘groups’.

When participating in any of these types of groups the key is to leave self-promotion at the door and start helping people. Often times you will see other members of the group asking questions, ranting and sharing knowledge and those are great chances to introduce yourself and offer your knowledge. I can’t tell you how many times I have answered a question in one of these communities to be asked for my blog URL or email so they can work with me privately. It’s awesome!

Twitter chats are usually hour long, set times when someone hosts a question and answer session using a specific question. The host will ask questions and anyone can join in and share their knowledge. When you get into the groove of participating in these chats, you can quickly network, share and gain knowledge and grow your Twitter following. To learn exactly how to use Twitter chats, check out my guide on my blog.

I can’t express how valuable social communities can be when it comes to growing a following and meeting people in your niche.  I challenge you to find on social community or Twitter chat and start participating in it regularly. I promise you will see results. For more on social communities head over to