Tips for Growing Your Audience

This  blog post is brought to you by Megan Clarke of Clapping Dog Media

I have been a creative designer for 15 years, but only an entrepreneur for 6 months. I spent the early part of my career working for agencies and super cool companies that paid me every 2 weeks. Then, I took a brief, 5ish-year sabbatical to stay home with the 3 young dudes that call me Mama.

Last year I dabbled in freelance quite literally, honestly I did mostly free work. I found cool organizations that I wanted to work for and built my portfolio.

Starting in January 2015 I became legit, 2 Legit 2 Quit one might say. I invested in myself and business.

  • I got a new computer and monitors
  • I hired a business coach and joined her mastermind
  • I started getting smart by reading business books and listening to a LOT of podcasts.
  • And this one, you can’t get around, I work hard and I work a lot. I have hired a babysitter to help out some but mostly I work long nights.

My audience, referrals and dreamy clients has grown continually since January and I often get asked how I get so many new clients and followers.

Here are some top tips.

1. This is the most important tip if you want to grow your audience, even if you only implement one tip, do this. Be Abundantly Helpful.

Don’t hoard knowledge. Give away ideas and tips and lessons learned. If you share your knowledge, people will immediately think that you are an expert and that you are nice–two good qualities of someone they might want to work with. So be helpful. And always be nice.

2. Track what is most popular with your audience. 

Become a Google Analytics Geek or find someone to help you, know what types of content your audience wants to read, know what types of devices they are on, just figure out who your audience is and write to them.

Likewise, do the same with other Social Media, I like Instagram. Insta is my new jam. I track all sorts of analytics using Iconosquare–I know what time of day my audience tends to be online, what types of images they respond too and my most popular hashtags. I don’t just snap a photo and post, I make strategic decisions about each pic based on what I know about my audience. Because of this I am not gaining random followers, businesses who are in my specific niche are finding me, liking my pictures and following me. My followers have grown and I have gotten new clients from learning my audience via analytics. #boom

3. My last tip for growing an audience is hard, but simple.

Consistency breeds legitimacy, you just have to do the work. Write the posts. Give amazing service. Create gorgeous designs. Post regularly. Keep on keeping on.

What are your tips? Are you a newbie entrepreneur? What tips do you have to share?


Meg Clarke is the creative expert at Clapping Dog Media where she creates results-driven websites for businesses who do good.