The Simplest Way To Reach More People On Facebook

If you’re having trouble growing a Facebook Page for your business, you’re not alone.

All businesses are facing big challenges right now when it comes to reaching people and building an audience on Facebook.

For instance, you may have noticed that your posts are only reaching, on average, 1-4% of your fans. Or that it seems almost impossible to increase the number of “likes” on your Page. And unfortunately, it’s predicted that Pages will reach fewer and fewer fans as Facebook continues to favor posts from friends and family, over posts made by businesses, in people's Newsfeeds.

So, should you give up on Facebook? Should you consider throwing in the towel on social media altogether?

I say, no way!

In fact, most marketing experts agree that it’s a great time to look at exactly what your ideal customers are doing on social media and the kinds of posts they actually want to see.

That is, this time of uncertainty can be an opportunity if you understand one thing:

Success on social media is all about adding value.

Gone are the days of being able to blast your followers with post after post about your product or service and hope a couple people comment or share.

People just aren’t interacting with businesses that way. In fact, they never really were. It’s just that Facebook has started to understand this and cater more specifically to what the average user wants to see in his or her Newsfeed.

A Simple Fix: Add Value

Think about how you, or better yet, how the people you know use Facebook. They’re probably using it to stay connected by viewing photos and updates from friends, family, coworkers and other close connections. They may share an interesting article or funny video from time to time. And on occasion they might click on an incredible free offer or discount from a business they know, like and trust.

They are following people and interacting with posts that add real value to their lives.

Here are 5 ways you can add more value on Facebook:

Provide helpful information

Create images or short videos with helpful tips or statistics that your customers, or someone in the market to buy what you offer, might like to know.

Captivate your audience with entertaining posts

If your company tends to have a funny, light-hearted or laid-back approach to doing what it is you do, post things that clearly display this. It will connect with your audience and people love to share entertaining posts on social media.

Connect on an emotional level

Does your business change lives or serve people in an especially heartfelt way? Share stories, quotes and inspiration that will move your audience and make you more memorable in a busy online world.

Interact with your community

Whether or not you have a big community on Facebook doesn’t matter here. If you’ve been in business for at least a year, then you surely have customer stories you can share to establish a sense of community. These types of posts tend to eventually translate into an engaged, online following.

Offer exclusive, Facebook-only deals or promotions

I know I said not to promote on Facebook. But, there are a few strategies that warrant an exception to this rule. These lesser-used methods of promoting products and services only work if you add incredible value that people can only get from you on Facebook.

If your customers are hanging out on Facebook, the bottom line is: you should be hanging out there too. To make it worth your time, decide how you’ll add value on social media and start posting with the intent to serve (not to sell).

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