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3 New Instagram Updates You Need to Know

Instagram is more than just an app to me. It’s a visual based tool that can increase brand awareness and let users engage with brands on a deeper level than Twitter and Facebook. As with all social media, it’s important to keep up with changes and updates as they roll out. Here are the three latest Instagram changes and how they’ll affect you.

Hashtag Rule Change

Instagram has changed the way they display images in the hashtag search!

Old Way: You could edit the hashtags in your images and the change is updated in the hashtag search.

New Way:  Only the original hashtags in the post will show up in the hashtag search. You could edit the hashtags, but it won’t reflect in the hashtag search.

What This Means for You: Now you’ll have to be more precise with your hashtags. If you miss a hashtag by accident, then that post will have to live without it. Instagram has now prioritized the time of the posting over the hashtags.

Why the Change? Unfortunately, spammers have ruined it for the rest of us. The Instagram users that repeatedly put in the maximum amount of hashtags and constantly update them have caused the rule change. While the rule change makes it more difficult for small businesses to post to Instagram, it also stops the spammers.

Hashtag Emojis

You can now use hashtags with emojis!

Old Way: You could only hashtag text.

New Way: You can hashtag text AND emojis!

What This Means for You: Speaking from a brand perspective, this doesn't really benefit small businesses when it comes to hashtag searches. However, this comes in handy to display more personality into your posts. I can’t wait see the fun posts and different uses for this new feature!

New Instagram Filters

Instagram rolled out three new filters! Rusty offers a faded look, Lark emphasizes blue and green hues and Juno brings out warmer colors.

Old Way: You only had 19 filters to choose from.

New Way: You now have 22 filters to choose from!

What This Means for You: More filters to choose from! Variety is the spice of life and Instagram is giving users more options to spice up their photos!

There ya have it folks, the latest and greatest updates from Instagram!  Whether you use it for personal, business or both, remember to utilize the changes when posting.