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The Foot Clan's first win!

The Foot Clan's first win!

I signed up for an adult co-ed kickball league in March of this year. Why? Because I’m a giant kid trapped inside this 20-something body and I wanted to meet new people. Here’s what I’ve learned so far!

Success is Earned

We were the newest team on the league battling against other teams that have been playing together for years. As such, we LOST every game (We took a victory once because the other team had to forfeit due to lack of players, but I don’t count that a legit win). Every week we made mistakes, we gave up runs, we made bad plays and we lost the game. Week after week though, we made progress. We learned a certain guy killed it at first base. We learned that the catcher position in this game is essential. We learned how to strategize our kicks to move players forward on the bases. We learned to self-sacrifice for the team. We learned to communicate on the field to avoid collisions when catching pop flys. We learned to slow down the game and not just throw a play for the sake of it. But we still finished last in the league that season.

Then we started summer league with returning and new players and then everything sort of clicked. We weren’t making the newbie mistakes and we knew that to expect. The entire game was neck-to-neck until the last inning and we pulled ahead my one run and WON!  We were jumping, screaming, smiling and high fiving each other. We were sweaty, tired and elated. The victory tasted so sweet because it wasn’t handed to us, we earned it.

We battled for it after many months of trial and error.

Social media success is earned as well. When you’re just starting out with social media, you can’t expect overnight success. Just like kickball, social media is a lot of trial and error. Taking short cuts, such as like ladders and buying followers, may work in the short-term, but they will eventually fizzle out and leave you with nothing to show. The best social media accounts are the ones that stick it out and grow their audience over time.

Make Note and Move On

I’m not going to lie, we won our game on Tuesday and I’m still riding the high. I can still feel the adrenaline of running to first and dodging the ball that someone tried to peg me with. I can still see the smile on the face of our short stop when she caught the ball. It feels good. I’d love to just store this happiness away and access it whenever I want. But the truth is, I need to prepare to win against next week. I need to look over my line up and fielding positions to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Then I need to create another plan for our next game and crush it.

The same goes for social media. You need to keep track of what works and what doesn’t and execute it over and over again. A big win only lasts so long and then you need to move on and get into the habit of winning every day.

Those that tell you kickball and social media is easy are wrong. They’re both difficult, especially if you’re still learning. The key is to not give up, even when you get defeated.

Stay tuned for more blogs about all things social media, copywriting and reputation management!