Spring Clean Your Digital Presence

The sun is shining. The flowers are starting to bloom. It’s springtime! And you know what that means – spring cleaning! This deep clean doesn’t just involve cleaning your home, it also applies to your business. So in addition to giving your closet and garage a cleaning, it’s time to give your online presence a thorough scrub down.

Here’s 3 ways to spring clean your digital footprint.

1.    Your Website

I see a surprising amount of businesses with old addresses and phone numbers listed. I’ve even come across a business with a listed phone number that doesn’t allow incoming calls, only outgoing! How crazy is that?

Take some time to go through each page of your website and scour for information to update. Check your business hours, phone numbers and address. If you have team members or prices listed on your website, double check that everything is up to date.

Do you need to update your portfolio page? Do you need to add or remove a service and/or product? Double check your privacy policy and your Terms & Conditions, if you have them. If you've added more clients, add them to your portfolio or gallery. Has your blog seen better days? There's no better time than now to update it! I know this seems obvious, but a lot of businesses actually let this fall on the back burner.

Remember if your website is in disarray, people will assume your business is too.

2.    Social Media

Many people think that they don’t need social media, because their business already has a website. But social media doesn’t exist to replace your website, it’s there to complement it. Now’s the time to update all the images so that your branding remains consistent. So I’m giving you full permission to delete all those old crappy photos, even if they do have likes and comments. Delete old tweets, posts and links that no longer pertain to your business. 

Now's a great time to follow new industry influencers and thought leaders. Refreshing your follow list is a great idea, too! Don't feel bad for one second for unfollowing somebody that doesn't contribute to your happiness or success. 

If you want to go one step further, shake off those social media cobwebs and produce fresh new content. Your audience will thank you for it.

3.    Google Listing

This one is super important, but sadly gets neglected the most. Your Google listing is the first thing people see when they Google your business (not the direct URL). The Google listing includes your location, hours, phone numbers and a link to your website (another great reason to update this info). Google also pulls images from your social media and different online sources to display when people search for you, so make sure those are updated.

And if you haven’t claimed your business yet on Google, do it NOW.

Spend a WHOLE day spring cleaning your online presence if you have to. I promise the time and effort is worth it! You know that amazing feel when you give your house a deep clean? You'll get the same feeling when you spring  clean your digital presence!