How to Cure “If You Build It They Will Come” Mentality

Ok, so your business has social media accounts. Now what?

If you’re a bit disappointed that customers and referrals aren't flooding in you might be suffering from “If-You-Build-It-They-Will-Come” mentality. It’s a common feeling many business owners have after setting up their social media.

The cure is content.

Content is so much more than just plain text. It’s a living, breathing thing that requires constant maintenance and upkeep. Great content is designed to lure people in and keep them coming back for more. It’s informative, thought-provoking and compels people into taking action. And for social media, the best content is visual!

Here is a simple way to audit your social media content.

Ask a complete stranger to skim your social media.

  •  Is it boring, repetitive and monotone?
  •    Is the content full of industry related jargon that most people won’t understand?
  •  Are your readers confused about what (if any) action to take?

If the answer is “yes,” to any of the above questions, then it’s time to reconsider your content strategy.  Whether you hire someone to create the content for you or you do it yourself, you’ll need to first define the following:


Customer Action

What do I want my customers to do? Call me? Leave a comment? Like my page? Visit my website?

Tone & Voice

Will it be funny and hip? Textbook style? Informative? Cool and modern?

There you have it! It’s really that simple.  Once you’ve audited and defined some goals, you’ll be able to post more relevant and engaging content. So remember, simply creating social media accounts doesn’t mean it’ll be successful. Content is the cure for “If-You-Build-It-They-Will-Come” mentality!