How Small Businesses Can Use Facebook To Boost SEO

Most business owners today understand there’s a benefit associated with showing up higher in Google search results. It puts your business in front of the people who are looking for the solutions you offer.

But one thing that a lot of small business owners don’t realize is that Google indexes more than just your website. For years now, social media profiles -- including Facebook Pages -- have been showing up in Google search results. Still, very few businesses actually complete and update their social media profiles with SEO in mind.

That said, small businesses across the board have a huge opportunity to start showing up higher in Google search results simply by putting a little extra effort into their social media presence.

In this post, I’ll cover some first steps you can talk to get started, by showing you how to improve your Facebook Page to boost SEO for you business.

Complete all the information on your Page.

It always shocks me when businesses don’t even bother to add key information to their social media profiles.

Even though an increasing number of small businesses are prioritizing social media as a key part of their marketing plans, I still stumble on business Facebook Pages with no address, no phone number and no website link.

It’s as if the owner just made a Page with the company name, and never touched it again.

These days, that’s a critical mistake. For reasons that go beyond burying your business further down on Google.

Neglecting your Page has the power to repel potential customers.

So, if your business’s Facebook Page is missing quite a bit of key information, or if you can’t remember the last time you put any effort at all into your Page, this article  is a great place to start. It covers six tips to help you set up/complete a professional and engaging Facebook Page.

Update your Facebook Page frequently.

In general, Google tends to favor frequent updates on all the sites, social profiles and other sources they index.

That’s just one reason why it doesn’t really benefit your business to have a Facebook Page simply sitting there.

People who discover your Page will notice if it hasn’t been updated in several months or even years.

To be honest, when I visit a Page that hasn’t updated in a really long time, I assume that company is out of business.

At a minimum, make an update to your Page weekly. “Updating” your page could include, for example, any of the following activities:

  • Posting or sharing high-quality content your customers would find valuable
  • Engaging with (liking/responding to) recent comments on any of your previous posts
  • Engaging with people who have posted to your page or reviewed your business
  • Responding to messages
  • Updating profile information if necessary
  • Adding upcoming company events visitors could attend (special sales, etc.)
  • Updating your profile or cover photo

Post consistently.

To truly improve SEO with Facebook, consistency is key!

When you first get started on social media, it takes time to grow your audience and increase engagement. Similarly, you shouldn’t expect overnight results when it comes to using Facebook to improve your SEO.

Schedule some time each week to post and share content. Stick with it for several months. If you follow the other recommendations in this post, your consistent efforts WILL pay off.

If you’re struggling to stay consistent, consider hiring someone who can help you keep up with your business's social media efforts. Click here to learn how to hire a social media professional who can save you time, reduce your stress and help you reach your most important online marketing goals.

Post quality content.

Increasingly, Facebook Pages and posts with high engagement (aka likes, shares, comments and reactions) get more online visibility.

Because of this, it’s important to prioritize posting content that your audience will value.

One way to increase engagement is to create 80% of your posts with intent to entertain, inspire, educate or emotionally connect with your target audience.

If you want to know more about why quality content is more likely to boost your SEO, this article dives into the details without getting TOO technical.

In the above example, you can see how social sharing helps you build links and boost visibility.

This impacts click-through rates, website traffic, and bounce rates.  All of these are important search ranking factors.

A lot of factors influence search rankings, but the most most valuable thing to take away is the importance of posting quality content that aligns with your mission, and connects with your target audience.

Do you have additional questions about using Facebook to boost SEO for your business?

Share your questions in the comments below or check out my resource library for a range of freebies to help your business see success with social media and online marketing.