Fall Marketing: Easy Social Media Content

It’s that time of year again! Time to close the chapter on summer and start preparing for fall and winter. Depending on where you live, school has started and buses have clogged the streets. The weather is starting to consider cooling off (but Georgia will get the memo around December) and you might even be tempted to wear a jacket. Eventually, the leaves will change colors and Starbucks will start offering their wildly famous Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Here’s some simple social media and marketing tips your small business can implement to get ready for the holiday season!

Promo Ideas

  • Back-to-school (including college)
  • NFL
  • College Football (SEC, Big 10, ACC – take your pick!)
  • Support/sponsor a local sports team
  • Be a vendor/sponsor at a local festival
  • Autumn begins

Here are some fun days coming up that you can market, depending on your business.


1st – National Gyro Day
2nd – National Grits for Breakfast Day
3rd – National Baby Back Ribs Day
5th – Labor Day & National Cheese Pizza Day
6th – National Coffee Ice Cream Day
10th – National Hot Dog Day
12th – National Chocolate Milkshake Day
14th – Eat a Hoagie Day
16th – National Peach Pie Day
17th – National Apple Dumpling Day
19th – Talk like a Pirate Day
23rd – Autumn Begins!
26th – National Key Lime Pie Day
29th – National Coffee & Mocha Day

October 2016

1st - National Pumpkin Spice Day
2nd - World Farm Animals Day
3rd - Techies Day
4th - National Taco Day
5th - National Apple Betty Day
7th - National Frappe Day
9th - National Dessert Day
11th - National Sausage Pizza Day
12th - National Pumpkin Pie Day
15th - National Red Wine Day
16th - National World Food Day
18th - National Chocolate Cupcake Day
25th - National Greasy Food Day & World Pasta Day
26th - National Pumpkin Day
30th - National Candy Corn Day
31st - Halloween

These are all great promotion and content ideas, but there’s more! Trena Little, a kick ass Video Content Strategist, has some awesome tips and tricks for video content to promote via social media. Check out the video below!

No joke – the holidays are RIGHT around the corner. Places like Hobby Lobby and Wal-mart are notorious for putting out holiday items months in advance. In a blink of an eye you’ll see people toting around Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and buying gifts for Christmas.

So do yourself, and your business, a favor by getting ahead of the curve. Plan your content now and avoid the stress that comes from the holiday season!