Does Social Media Get a Summer Vacation?

It’s that time of year again. The temperature is getting hotter. The days are longer. Skin gets tanner and water is getting warmer. Also, margaritas may or may not taste better sitting poolside. You’ve been working hard all year long and you’re due for a break .You deserve a vacation.

Does your social media get a vacation, too?

While you’re sipping a cold one and soaking up some sun, your social media needs to still be on the clock. Does your business get a break? No. Since social media is part of your business, it doesn’t get a break either.

Here are two ways you can make your social media work while you take a breather.

1.    Schedule Ahead of Time

Take some time before you start packing to create a list of social media posts you want published while you’re away. You can create your own spreadsheet or download a template and tailor it to suit your needs. Be sure you take your time with these posts. I know the sound of the ocean is beckoning, but you need to make sure these posts are aligned with your branding and social media goals.

Once you’ve got your lists of posts ready, it’s time to schedule! Here are some tools you can use.

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Edgar
  • Tweetdeck
  • Later

*Pro Tip – Most of these tools have free versions.

2. Outsource It

If you want to make sure your social media is being cared for AND enjoy unplugging for a while, outsourcing gives you the best of both worlds. Bringing in a pro, even temporarily, makes sure your social media stays the course and everything is taken care of. Your comments and messages will be tended to.

You will have to go out of pocket for this. If you’re hesitant, ask yourself, how much is your peace of mind worth? You want to unplug while on vacation, not be tethered to your phone or laptop.

There are plenty of free resources to find a social media professional. The easiest one being referrals. You can also check out business-oriented Facebook groups, Craigslist (be thorough on this source) and Upwork.

Whatever option you choose, to DIY or outsource it, your social media needs to continue working while you’re away. Generating brand awareness and engaging your audience is a full-time job for your social media. And if you’re utilizing social media to increase sales or as a customer service platform, you definitely need to plan ahead.

**Also, please send me pictures of your vacation. You can tweet, tag or email me. I’ll be living vicariously through all your amazing photos.