Do Website Analytics Really Matter?

Ok, let’s talk about your website analytics. Most website platforms have built-in analytics that give you some degree of insight into the site’s performance. But let’s be honest, how often do you check it? Once a week if you remember? I bet a handful of you never check the analytics. Heck, I know some people that weren’t even aware that analytics existed for their website.

Many business owners will set up a website and leave it alone, especially if they hired someone to create the site.

As long as the site is up and running, it’s doing its job, right?

Well, that’s partially true. A functional website is definitely needed for business.

When you’re not looking into your website’s analytics it means the site is not being utilized to its fullest potential. You’re basically wasting a valuable resource that could bring you more business. You’re essentially ignoring information that could directly influence your bottom line.

When your business experiences a lull in work, what do you blame? The industry? The economy? Your competition? The answer isn’t always external circumstances. The answer is analytics.

When you dive into analytics, you will not only see the traffic driven to your website, you will see bounce rates, sessions, page depth, new visitors and returning users. You can even see if they clicked on something, bought something or decided to leave the page. You’ll get insight into where your traffic is coming from, what type of browser they use and what screen they are looking at (mobile versus desktop).

The results from this information could change your business! You might learn that your bounce rate is high and decide to give your homepage a little makeover. The traffic results might influence you to start marketing yourself on social media instead of billboards. If a lot of the views are coming from mobile screens, then you could invest in making a responsive website. The possibilities are endless!

The good news is that getting started is easy. Take 10 minutes every day to look over your analytics and just explore the information. Get familiar with clicking around and learn the terminology (Google can help with that). My favorite thing about deciphering analytics is that it can only result in positive change. In this case, knowledge really is power!