A Simpler Way To Set Social Media Goals For Your Small Business

It’s no secret that, around this time of year, everybody tends to get pretty excited about what they hope to accomplish in the months ahead.

When a new year rolls around people have planning and goal-setting on the brain. And for entrepreneurs, taking time to think strategically about all aspects of your future (sales, marketing, team-building, etc.) is critical to the growth and success of your businesses.

But when it comes to setting business goals related to social media marketing, a lot of entrepreneurs get overwhelmed by endless possibilities. Then, they wind up either setting the wrong goals, or they skip setting goals in in this area altogether.

Today though, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to grow and maintain a strong social media presence if they want to have long term success. And this is true for almost every industry.

That said, it’s important for all small business owners to have a simple strategy they can use to social media goals. So, in this post I’ll share my best tips to help you focus your time and energy on the right social media activities that will actually make an impact on your bottom line.

Set Realistic Goals

Listen, unless you’re in the social media or online marketing industry, there’s no reason you need to be setting a whole bunch of fancy-schmancy goals in these areas. Instead, opt for simpler goals that make sense in relation to your larger business goals.

Ultimately, you want your social media presence to:

  1. Increase brand awareness so that people understand what you offer and think of you for what it is you do best. (For example, maybe you’re a carpet cleaning service and people think of you when they want service that’s “fast and friendly”.)

  2. Drive potential customers to your website, an online store or somewhere that’s considered their “next step” to becoming a paying customer.

So, your social media goals should relate to how you’re going to accomplish one of the two outcomes listed above.

Instead of saying you want to get 1000 new fans this month, set a goal to post original content at least once a day and spend 15 minutes per day engaging on social media sites from your business accounts (this will increase brand awareness and, in turn, attract more fans).

Or instead of saying you want to get 10 new customers a day from social media, set a goal to post a specific number of videos per week and include links to your website. By tracking those links, you can see how many people are visiting your site from those videos. The more traffic that’s clicking through on your videos, the more people are engaging with business (meaning they could potentially become customers).

Make Sure Your Social Media Goals Move The Needle For Your Business

Both of the goals I mentioned before could improve the bottom line of almost any business. But, depending on your larger business goals, it might make sense to for you to focus on one goal over the other.

Here is some info + a few examples to help you decide which goal makes sense for your business:


A new business that’s just starting out would probably benefit from focusing on increasing brand awareness. Not only is this is goal simpler to achieve, it also streamlines your social media activities so you’re focused on building a bigger audience of potential customers.

One of the easiest ways to start building brand awareness is to use relevant hashtags. Although hashtags do show up in Facebook searches, this strategy works best on Twitter and Instagram.

In fact, one of my clients recently doubled their Twitter followers by adding a single hashtag to a few tweets. This increase in followers means their tweets have been getting more engagement -- and they’ve also seen more website traffic.

Basic goals (like adding hashtags) may seem simple. But they really create a domino effect!

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Advanced goals, such as acquiring more leads, creating viral content or increasing conversions with ads, require more time and effort. But they can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Go after an advanced goal if you already have a solid following on social media. Or if you’ve got a team to help you implement the necessary steps to reach them.

Some first steps toward achieving more advanced goals could be:

  • Getting high-res brand photos or video to use in your posts
  • Runnings ads
  • Driving social media traffic to a landing page where you collect people’s email addresses

If you have a goal to see better results on social media in 2017, my free resource library has checklists and guides that will help you hit your goal faster. Get access here.


No matter what type of social media goals you have your sights set on for 2017, you may want to consider the tools, systems and people that will help you reach those goals. Because the truth is, most small businesses owners don’t have a ton of time to tinker with social media strategy.

Testing to figure out what works takes a little while. And it can be frustrating when you implement a tactic that doesn’t work right away.

So, don’t be afraid to automate and/or delegate part (or all) of the steps to achieve your 2017 social media goals. This will allow you to celebrate achieving, and maybe even exceeding, your goals -- without having to stress about them all year.

What’s your #1 social media goal for 2017? Share it in the comments below!