3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Social Media

If you think social media is just a fad that will fade away, think again. As of April 2015, Facebook has over 1 billion registered accounts, LinkedIn has 347 million and Twitter has 288 million. To put that in perspective the population of the United States is around 320 million people! Social media continues to grow at an hourly rate as more and more people create new accounts.

So here are three reasons why your small business needs to use social media.

Your Audience Is Already There

Most, if not all, of your audience is already using social media. They post pictures, keep in touch with friends and family and use it to find out what’s happening in their community.  Meet them online by actively participating on social media.

Keep People In The Loop

Does your restaurant have a special running today? Are you discounting your services for a special event? Is your business running a special for this month? Keep your customers in the loop by posting information on your social media accounts. It’s a short and simple way to keep new customers informed and current customers coming back.


As mentioned above, keep everyone in the loop of things happening at your business, but don’t just post for the sake of posting. It’s important to engage and interact with your audience online. You can do this by responding to comments, reviews, check-ins or photos posted to your accounts. The general rule of thumb is to keep your posts 80/20. 80% of the time post engaging, fun and helpful content and 20% promoting and selling your business.