10 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Presence In 10 Minutes Or Less

Create Content

1. Fast way to create images?

A fast (and free) way to create images is to use Canva. You can create visually-appealing images, even if you aren’t a graphic designer. If you want to create a batch of images and tailor images for each social media channel, you can always upgrade your Canva account to unlock a lot of other great features.

2. Quick tip to improve social media copy (or themes? topics?) for increased engagement? 

To improve copy on your posts, don’t copy and paste! Read the article and pull some interesting info from it. Don’t just copy the title and use it as your update. If you’re posting images, be specific and leave descriptions for each image. Take a few minutes and double check grammar and spelling. And most important, be yourself!

Manage Content

3. What could a small business owner do in 10 minutes to plan their social editorial calendar more effectively?

A simple way is to look at your calendar. Does any of your staff have birthdays or work anniversary coming up? Is there a project coming up? Did you sign a new client? Are you launching a new product or service? Is there a national holiday coming up that you could create a special offer for (Memorial Day, or National Hot Dog Day, etc.)? Your calendar is a great and easy place to start when thinking of content.

4. Time-saving social scheduling hack? 

Bulk scheduling is definitely a time saving hack. Set aside an hour every Friday afternoon or Monday morning to create some social media posts.

Engage With Followers & Brands

5. Lists? Systems for engaging with influencers?

Depending on your industry, engaging with influencers can be beneficial for your brand. Also, depending on what tool you use for social media management, you can create streams and/or dashboards dedicated to influencers and top-users. If you set up a stream or list, you can easily engage with your fans.

6. Quickly replying to comments/messages from followers?

There are different options for this. You can do this natively, from each platform individually. If you choose that option, you can reply to people on-the-go from the apps on your phone. If you use a social media management tool for everything, like Buffer, you can reply within that app, as well.

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